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Guess What?!?! We're Having A Baby !

Guess What?!?! We're Having A Baby !

It’s been so long since I was able to post. Who knew that going back to school, having a toddler and working full time would be so time consuming?! Hmmmm, the answer to that is everyone, including me.

I’m happy to finally have a little break from the hectic pace (thank you spring break!) to share the exciting news that……

Leo is going to be a big brother !


Yes, that’s right we are expecting baby #2 this August!

Marcelo and I are delighted about our family getting bigger.


Leo is thrilled as well. He frequently puts his hands on my belly to feel the baby kick (even though it’s too early for that). Then gives the baby a big kiss right in my belly button. To melt our hearts even more after all that he pulls my shirt back down over my belly and says “nite nite” to the baby.

It gets me every single time. I know he is going to be the best big brother.

It was hard not sharing this news on my blog the last 3 months. I wanted to post about it so many times.

One of the things I’m really excited about is to share all the pregnancy ups and downs with everyone as well as what it’s like having a newborn.

I started this blog when Leo was 5 months old as a way to reach out and share everything I was learning as a first time Mom.

It’s great that I get to do that again and start from the beginning.

Thank you all again for always checking in!

I’m looking forward to starting the next step in this adventure!


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