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How Did My Summer Bucket List Go?!

How Did My Summer Bucket List Go?!

It’s crazy how fast the summer flew by! Even the first 2 weeks of Fall were so hectic I barely noticed. But now the days are cooling off and the sunsets are taking on that Autumn glow.

The change happened so quickly I almost forgot to check in on how my Summer Bucket list went.

Looking back to the start of summer I had a pretty ambitious list. I thought for sure I would maybe get 3 items checked off.

But when I took a look today it was amazing!

I did almost everything on the list!

  1. Go to the zoo

  2. Finish reading a book

  3. Take a parents weekend away

  4. Go to a baseball game

  5. Make dinner

  6. Get a new summer cocktail

  7. Have at least 4 Mom days alone

  8. Do nothing

  9. Get rid of all my old clothing

  10. Family vacation & mini family vacation

  11. Ditch devices for 2 days

  12. Organize baby toys

  13. NYC weekend with the family

It’s pretty amazing. Best of all I did it all with Leo (well almost all of it).

This was definitely the most memorable summer of my life. Everything felt like a new adventure because I was sharing it with our little Bunny for the first time.

What makes it even sweeter was that we got all this time together right before the busiest time of my life.

Now that I know I can do all this it’s time to start thinking of Fall activities!


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Summer Cocktail: Limoncello Collins

Summer Cocktail: Limoncello Collins