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Family Photo Day

Family Photo Day

When Leo turned 2 we decided to take a mini vacation in NYC.

While we were there it seemed like a great opportunity to get professional family photos taken. 

Central Park and The Met are my favorite places in the city. We were so excited when the amazing photographer Adam Cohen agreed to shoot us in both locations!


Adam spent three hours with our family walking all through the park and the museum snapping posed and candid photos. 

There were some moments when we forgot he was there! It totally let us be ourselves and captured our real family dynamic.


We really wanted photos in Central Park because it’s where Marcelo and I used to go practically every weekend before Leo was born.

Now it’s our first stop each time we go into the city because Leo loves it as much as we do. 

Leo can be a little difficult to photograph but Adam made the session fun for him and even took these shots while he was just playing. 

I wanted the photos in the Met because it’s been such a special place for me to take Leo. It’s the place where he showed us his personality for the first time.


Each time we go back it’s a new and memorable experience for us all. 

He made us feel so relaxed and comfortable to be ourselves. I love how the session turned out. It’s like the story of our day in the park!

Marcelo and I both love all of the photos. It was impossible to find a bad picture. 

Now we have an amazing gallery of photos and memories to always look back on!


Thanks Adam!

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