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Airbnb Tree Houses

Airbnb Tree Houses

We are taking a summer vacation in August. But we wanted to capitalize on being more mobile with Leo by taking a few weekend getaway trips as a family.

Marcelo and I are city people so of course our first ideas were NYC, Philadelphia, Boston. Anywhere with tons of restaurants and sidewalks to maneuver.

Then we started thinking why not try something new. Quiet, country, relaxing. Nothing to do but spend time together and enjoy.

But why not take that one step further and make it a magical getaway for Leo by staying in a Tree House!

Airbnb has amazing Tree Houses to rent all near NYC! Each one is like stepping out of a story book.

It would be incredible to bring read Leo Peter Pan while staying here!

Which of these three amazing Airbnb Tree House homes do you think we should stay in?

The Country Quaint Adirondack Tree House

Modern and Chic Willow Tree House

Glamorous, Rustic and Romantic Whispering Wind Tree House


Family Photo Day

Family Photo Day

Summer Cocktail: Jalapeño-Spiked Bourbon Julep

Summer Cocktail: Jalapeño-Spiked Bourbon Julep