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Summer Clinique Lip Gloss Surprise

Summer Clinique Lip Gloss Surprise

A few months ago I received some fun summer lip glosses by Clinique.

I love trying and collecting lipstick but I've never been much of a lip gloss fan. It's always too shiny or sticky and constantly needs to be reapplied.

The other week Marcelo and I took a parents weekend away. As I was getting packed I realized that my go-to summer lipstick had melted after leaving my purse in the car on a 105 degree day.

Since we were running to make a train I grabbed the tube of Clinique Pop Splash Lip Gloss in Juicy Apple.


I applied some on the train and then forgot all about it until we got to the hotel and looked in the mirror.

I couldn't believe how lightweight and smooth it felt. And the color was perfect. I wore it with every outfit everywhere we went! 


Since then I've been wearing it every single day. Even to the pool!

Bonus I can leave it in the sun and not worry about my favorite lip color melting! You just can't top that!


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