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Vacation Busy Box

Vacation Busy Box

I mentioned before I've got a pretty ambitious bucket list for the summer.

In addition to that I have allot of activities planned for just Leo & I to do together during the week.

This also means allot of in the car or out and about time with lunch on the go!

So in order to make sure I'm always prepared to keep Leo entertained without whipping out my phone I've put together the ultimate toddler busy box for all occasions! I get most of my items from the Target Dollar Spot section or Amazon but most likely you already have allot of these items in your home.


You can use anything for the Busy Box a shoe box or a lunch box. I like to use an                    Art Supply Box with built in trays. You can organize the items in their own compartments and there's always plenty of space.


Play-Doh & Accessories

Play-Doh is the ultimate busy tool! This Starter Set is perfect for a Busy Box. Just put 2 containers of Play-Doh inside your box with a few tools. Kids can stay busy in the car, at a restaurant or even in their strollers.



Crayons are a great imagination toy. Even on just a blank piece of paper kids come up with the most amazing ideas! I love these Finger Crayons even though they are for younger children. Each one is super sturdy which means it won't break easily. Bonus you can put them on your fingers to color or use them as a stacking toy!


Play Pack

Play Packs are like Mini Busy Boxes. They have small coloring books and stickers. You can buy individual ones almost anywhere or get a Party Favor Sized Package and never run out!



Chances are your got a ton of these in your house already. Fill up a sandwich sized zip lock bag with them and bring Legos wherever you go! It's amazing when Legos are on the table of a restaurant adults and kids get creative!


Small Bubble Wand

Something magical about bubbles keeps kids occupied for hours. No Spill Fubbles are great for a Busy Box because...well they don't spill!


Mini Rubix Cube

As impossible to solve as ever Mini Rubik's Cube fit snugly in your Busy Box. If your child is too small for a Rubik's Cube try a Wooden Twist Toy!


Felt Play Board

Whenever I see these in Target I scoop them up! Each Felt Play Board is like a Mini Stage for your child to create a whole world of imaginative play. Plus the felt is flat and flexible to fit into your full of fun Busy Box!


Little Animal Toys

I always keep a handful of Little Animal Figures in the car. Leo can stay occupied during long car rides making them dance, sing, fly, you name it! (Cars also work!)



Educational and occupying Learning Puzzles are simple enough to do quickly while colorful, fun and engaging for kids!


Felt Book

Another felt item I love getting from Target is their Felt Books! There's always a variety in the dollar section each season. Each one has it's own theme and new inventive ways to learn while having fun!


Daydream Decorating

Daydream Decorating

On The Grill Summer Dinner: Skirt Steak Diablo with Stuffed Peppers

On The Grill Summer Dinner: Skirt Steak Diablo with Stuffed Peppers