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Who What Wear For Target

Who What Wear For Target

I recently did a big clean out of my closet.

All my workout efforts have been paying off and I was able to donate all my items that are now too big for me! YAY!

Only thing is this has left my Summer wardrobe at a bit of a loss.

With summer officially here and I've been making plans to make a little more time for myself with a few day trips into NYC.

My corporate clothing is out of place in my Mom Life and wearing my workout clothing for a day off in the city would make me feel a little out of place.

That's why I was so happy to learn that Who What Wear's summer collection for Target has come out!

Their effortless chic streetwear are the perfect summer outfits for looking good in a snap.

Here are a few of the Summer items I'm considering.


Summer yellow to run errands then meeting friends for sunset drinks


Ruffle sleeve for brunch with my trendy sister in Williamsburg


Casual and cool during a day to myself walking through my favorite museum The MET


One and done with a flare for a family day out


Chic and effortless for date night dinner and a show


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Summer Bucket List

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