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Making Books Come To Life

Making Books Come To Life

A few weeks ago we went on family vacation during Spring Break. Marcelo and I used one of our favorite apps Hotel Tonight to find a great deal on a hotel in Soho. It was in perfect walking distance to everything!

The original goal of the vacation was to have our family photos taken by this amazing photographer in Central Park.

But on the way to the train station I realized there was another great opportunity to show Leo all the real life versions of his favorite book characters!

Leo's 3 favorite books are Train, Little Blue Truck & Steam Train Dream Train. We've read them to Leo so many times that we can recite them practically by heart.

Leo has been on a train before and he's been back to NYC lots of times he was even born there. This would be the first time that he would be aware of his surroundings.


When we got to the station I started telling Leo how we were going on a real train just like Little Elephant from Train. He just smiled and went back to munching on Goldfish totally unaware of what was about to happen.

When the train pulled into the station I pointed and said "train, train, train!" just like in the book. He immediately put it together. His eyes go so big and his face was the perfect combination of amazed and elated.

We got on the train I reminded him of all his favorite lines from steam train dream train such as "a hiss a jolt a shift and sway now the journey's underway".


He got so excited bouncing up and down that he used up all his energy and quickly fell asleep. 

We arrived at the hotel and Leo was still sleeping so we relaxed for a while and planned out how we wanted to spend the next few days.


When Leo finally woke up we explored the room with him. 


There was a huge picture window with an amazing view of the city. Marcelo & I held Leo up and showed him all the sights from Little Blue Truck Leads The Way. His jaw dropped as we showed him that towering buildings, taxis and all the streets.


Then we headed out to explore and find more references. 


We walked up to Washington Square Park and on the way Leo pointed to every taxi. Marcelo jumped in whenever there was a truck.

At the park was the biggest surprise of all. A real police car! Just like the one in Little Blue Truck! Leo could hardly contain his excitement at seeing the real thing!


After a few hours at the park we headed to one of our favorite restaurants Il Bambino. Leo was so happy munching on his nutella and strawberry crostini while Marcelo read him Little Blue Truck and asked him what he saw that day.


We kept thinking of new books and new things to see all weekend. Every time Leo realized that something from his books was real it was amazing to see his face as it all clicked together.

Since we returned home it's become a tradition wherever we go to look for things from our favorite books and every time Leo sees something from them he loves his books even more.


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