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Summer Lipstick I Forgot I Loved!

Summer Lipstick I Forgot I Loved!

If you're a big lipstick person like me chances are you have drawers of lipstick to coordinate with each season, event or outfit.

So in pulling out my "summer drawer" of lipstick to look over options I noticed my long time favorite warm weather lipstick or the upcoming season.


Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm!

Dior first came out with one color option, Pink. The sheer lip balm has the slightest tint of pink and was designed to use color refraction by reflecting light to bring out your natural lip color mixed with a hint of Pink. Giving everyone who wears it their own unique lip color made just for them!


Last year Dior released a second lip color with a Coral hint. It turned out to be equally flattering no matter what the location or occasion.

This year Dior has produced a WHOLE LINE of lip colors ranging from Matte and Satin finishes to Shimmer.


I had trouble choosing between all the enticing selections. In the end I chose Rasberry to try out for a few weeks but I'm seriously thinking about adding Ultra Pink to my collection.


Sephora carries all the colors and styles. Bonus it;s Sephora so their ultra-helpful employees (all trained as make-up artists) will be able to answer any other questions you have about the product and help you find the one you'll love most! Extra Bonus Sephora's return policy is to take back any makeup item with a receipt within 30 days of purchase (even if it's been used),

What have you got to loose!


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