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Royal Wedding Recap

Royal Wedding Recap

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding Extravaganza was this weekend. Did you get up at 4 AM to watch it and did you cry!? I admittedly did both. There were some very touching moments that were both sweet and romantic.

The wedding started out with an red carpet display of British Royals and celebrities including one surprising guest! I honestly didn't notice Oprah was there until mid-way through the ceremony when I saw her leaning forward from her coveted seat to see all of the action.


I loved how Harry and William hopped out of the car so casually like it was just another day at Grandma's house.

Followed by all the adorable bridesmaids and attendants. 


The Queen promptly arrived in a sensible outfit.


Then Meghan made her first appearance arriving at the castle with her Mom.

And stepped out in her beautiful gown and jaw dropping train!


Her dress was so elegant and well suited to her personality. 


The tiara lent to Meghan had belonged to Queen Mary and was to die for!


The 1920's vibe of her veil makes me wonder if more brides are going to opt for this look.


Meghan made the choice to walk into the church on her own. It just goes to show what a strong confident woman she is.

gettyimages-960092614-1526827470 (1).jpg

We all know that Meghan's Dad couldn't make the wedding due to surgery. The night before Meghan asked her new Father-In-Law Price Charles to walk her down the aisle. Later Prince Charles gave a speech at the reception that made me tear up just reading it.


Meghan's Mom was the only family member from her side in attendance. The Royal Family made sure she had the best seat in the house.

I'm not a lip reader but I'm pretty sure Prince Harry said, "you look amazing" when she arrived at the alter...turns out he did!

When I saw they left an empty seat for Diana it made my heart ache knowing that while Harry was so happy probably a piece of him was missing his Mom more than ever.


The ceremony was one of the most romantic I have seen. Mostly because of the loving glances that these two exchanged and how they held hands through the entire ceremony. Especially the little smirk exchanged when the Minister mention starting a family.


Kate Middleton wore a dress that had previously been worn in public. Such a thoughtful gesture to the bride and her new sister-in-law!


During the vows the entire audience laughed when Harry said "I will" it was funny how at that moment probably everyone in the world was thinking about his wild days when no ever thought he would settle down. That moment seemed to break the ice on any formality and the rest of the wedding had the feeling of a friendly personal affair.


Their walk down the aisle the couple seemed elated saying a cheerful hello to all their guests on the way out.


The kiss on the church steps seemed almost impromptu you can tell how much these two love each other by the effortlessness of their behavior.

Everything about the setting at Windsor was perfect. The carriage ride though the town showed off the thousands of people who came out to wave well wishes to the new couple.


My favorite moment by far was when the carriage turned onto the path back to Windsor and Meghan breathed a sigh of relief. She's going to win everyone's hearts for sure!


The couple had a small reception for just 200 close friends and family. But they give us one last show of Meghan and Harry zooming off in a jaguar after their outfit changes.

Meghan wore one of Diana's favorite rings that she had used frequently in public.


Harry and Meghan are such an unexpected couple with a huge desire to change the world. I can't wait to see what comes next for them!


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Royal Wedding Viewing Party

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