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Summer Vacation Ideas

Summer Vacation Ideas

Summer is just around the corner which means it’s time to plan our summer vacation!
Last year we took an amazing trip to Portland OR for my sisters wedding.

This year we were thinking of doing something more low key and with in driving range.

Here are the three places we’re deciding between for this summer!


Portland, Maine
I grew up spending every summer at the beach in Maine with all of my extended family. So naturally when I think summer vacation I automatically think of Maine. I’d love to do a family trip there with Leo and Marcelo. Portland ME is new to all of us so we can explore together. It’s also got the perfect combination of city feel combo ed with New England quaintness. And of course....lobster rolls!


Going to this city is also high on our list. Amazing restaurants, tons of culture and of course lots of historical sites that will keep me singing songs from my 2nd favorite summer time movie.


We would love to go to Europe but it’s just not in the cards this year. Quebec Canada is the perfect North American destination to get a European feeling vacation within driving distance!


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