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Baby Registry Updated

Baby Registry Updated

One comment I heard over and over again while pregnant was "I wish they had that when my child was a baby!"

Every year there's amazing new baby products that make a New Mom life easier.

I built a pretty thorough Baby Registry while pregnant. 

But if I was having a baby today here are some items I would absolutely want to include on my Baby List!

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I didn't get to try designer diapers with Leo. I love Parasols colorful designs. The elastic bands and quick drying make is practical as well as fashionable! 


Baby Susher soothes your little one like a sound machine but with the same loving shushing sound you make when comforting your lovely one.


Every Mom needs something comfy and practical that looks great. This button down V-Neck Caftan by Breton is perfect for nursing, answering the door and everything in between.


Before Leo was born on a whim I bought a Magnetic Me Onesie. 1 month later we had a dozen! So easy to open and close late night diaper changes can happen that much faster (and you can go back to sleep!)


I saw this 3-D Lite Stroller on the subway and loved how light and functional it looked. Bonus the back folds down for nap time and sun shade means your little one is protected from harmful rays.


Gentle melodies and stars on the ceiling from Skip Hop will lull baby to sleep while they cuddle their new best friend.


Any Mom knows that pumping is just a part of Mom Life. Nuk's new breast pump is portable, invisible and lets you pump anywhere discreetly.


Kindred Bravely's nursing bra's are made of soft terry cloth fabric. It's pull back design makes using them effortless.


I hated trimming Leo's nails when he was a newborn. I was always afraid I would clip him. ZoLi Buzz B Electric Nail Trimmer safely files babies nails without harming the skin. It comes with 4 sets of pads for each stage of growth.


We love all of our Nuna products so it's no surprise that I am obsessed with their Diaper Bag. Functional as a shoulder bag or a backpack it's designed to store everything neatly and look great on Mom or Dad.


Leo started out in a crib and then we transitioned to co-sleeping. The Halo Bassinet Glide Sleeper cuddles up to your bed so baby can be next to you but safely in their own space.


Lastly Elle & Co. makes probably the one thing that every Mom and Dad! Free Babysitting, Breakfast in Bed, Ice Cream Treat. The most important thing to register for is help. So make sure to cash these in!


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