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Since we got Leo this easel he has become a little artist and is coloring up a storm!

Our house if FILLED with his works done in crayon, marker, watercolor, finger paint.

While they all look kind of the same each one, to us, is precious and dear.

Except......what do we do with all of them?

The pile keeps growing everyday and we just don't know how to store them.

That's why I was so happy to learn about Artkive


Fill the Artkive Box with your children's work and mail it off.


They will professionally photograph every piece and create a keepsake book.


I love the thought of keeping all of his artwork to look back on over the years without having to unfold it from a file or unpack it from a box.


It would even make a great coffee table book!

Check out their app to get started.

Bonus for all readers: Get 10% off your Artkive order with code MESSYBUN, good through June 30th.


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A Thank You Is All You Need

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