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Technology Is Cyclical

Technology Is Cyclical

I have to take a special moment to recognize a moment in life that I loved last week!

Many of you know that Daniel Day Lewis was spotted on the subway using the long forgotten now considered archaic technology of a flip phone.


And I have to say I love it!

Marcelo and I have always laughed at Tina Fey’s clever technology jokes from 30 Rock.

I’ve had a smartphone since 2008 and lately I have wistfully longed for the days when it didn’t run my life. Especially at those times when my husband and I are sitting next to each other but fully absorbed in our phones putting us in completely different worlds.

I actually miss the days of boredom while waiting for a friend or standing awkwardly by the drinks table at a party.

Daniel Day Lewis is always the trend setter. Who else could make Lincoln such a popular sensation.

Maybe it will circle back. Maybe we’ll all just Google and move on. But for sure I’m keeping my eyes open for signs of a flip phone revolution!




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