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How To Find The Best Hair Dryer

How To Find The Best Hair Dryer

After almost a decade my beloved hair dryer finally quit.

Since it's still chilly outside I can't wait very long to replace it.

Before I bought my last hair dryer I read articles, asked friends and visited stores to decided which was the best hair dryer (for me). WHEW!

Now as a Mom I don't have the time to do the research I used to. I'm too busy chasing around a little one.

Luckily has already done all the analyzing and testing so that I can not only find the best hair dryer but the best hair dryer for me!

Here's their recommendations for the best hair dryers on the market right now.

The 30-Second Review

The best hair dryer will help you achieve frizz-free locks in record time. That means a high wind speed and generous temperature range. To find the best, we consulted three stylists, then measured and tested the 14 most popular dryers ourselves. In the end, we found three top picks that achieve the best results on the most hair types.

Best Results for Straight Hair


Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

This high-tech gadget amazed us with its ultra-fast wind speeds, four heat settings, and the ability to produce smooth and shiny results on more hair than any other dryer. But all that new technology comes with a $400 price tag.

Best Results for Curly Hair


Devacurl DevaDryer and Devafuser

Our hottest pick cuts dry times for curly and natural hair by 60 percent. It lacks some of the Dyson’s high-tech features, but for $160 we’re still impressed.

Best Budget Dryer


XTava Allure Pro 2200W Dryer

This dryer might need a little more hands-on attention when it comes to smoothing frizz, but delivers all of the heat and speed of pricier dryers for only $40.

Take a look at their full review of The Best Hair Dryer


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