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Women’s History Month: Mileva Maric (Einstein)

Women’s History Month: Mileva Maric (Einstein)

In celebration of women’s history month I’m taking a look at some little known, amazing women in history. Without these women science, math and politics wouldn’t be what they are today.

First up Mileva Maric-Einstein. Albert Einstein’s first wife was not known until recently.

This great book give insight to her equal accomplishments and how she was Einstein’s partner in researching and publishing all of his early papers. 

Here are some great facts about Mileva Maric. 


Albert and Mileva attended University together. Albert had trouble channeling his energy in class and preferred to work from home. Mileva would bring infomartion from class to his home to work on together. They ended up getting the same scores during their time attending together.

While Mileva worked with Albert on his early papers. They jointly agreed to keep her name off of the papers for submission. There was a better chance of being published (and taken) seriously if the papers were not written with a woman. 


Albert frequently gave her credit for her contributions amongst family and friends,  “I need my wife. She solves for me all my mathematical problems”


Yugoslavian-born Vida Ognjenović wrote a play about her which was later adapted into a libretto for the opera "Mileva" composed by Serbian composer Aleksandra Vrebalov. The two-act opera premiered in 2011 in Novi Sad to mark the the 150th anniversary of the National Theatre of Serbia, Marić's native country.


Mileva’s hard work on the Theory of Relativity and other published papers was finally confirmed when Albert gave the money from the Nobel Prize to her as recognition.


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