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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's is next week. Marcelo and I are going out to dinner (for the third time since Leo was born two years ago!). 

In order to really make it feel special we decided to exchange gifts this year.

Here are a few original items from Uncommon Goods I'm eyeing to give Marcelo this year.


Wishing Ball

Write down your wish or thought of gratitude as a reminder of just how lucky you are


Personalized Board Game

Connect Four is more fun when you connect the hearts


Peanut Butter Sample

Chocolate is great......but peanut butter for Valentine's Day......soooo much better!


Mates For Life

Jacqueline Smith's print beautifully displays twelve species that mate for life (and love) by instinct


Musical Wine Glasses

Fill the glass to the desired note and make sweet sweet music together


Travel Stub Diary

Th perfect way to keep all those little odds and end from each memorable trip safe for a lifetime of memories


Red Wine Stain Remover

Just because everyone will love getting this gift! (Lifesaver!)


Women’s History Month: Mileva Maric (Einstein)

Women’s History Month: Mileva Maric (Einstein)

Children's Books Celebrating Black History Month

Children's Books Celebrating Black History Month