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Children's Books Celebrating Black History Month

Children's Books Celebrating Black History Month

February is Black History Month. So much of United States history is a difficult conversation to have with children. However, with all the is in the news at present it's more important than ever to educate children on this countries past.

Here are a few insightful and age appropriate children's books on black history in America.


Wilma Unlimited

Wilma Rudolph was the first American woman to earn three gold medals in the Olympics. Her story shares how she overcame polio, racism and sexism to make world history.


The Little Rock Nine Stand Up For Their Rights

What was is like for the nine students who were the first to enter into an integrated school in Little Rock? This picture book helps children take a look inside what life was like for these students in 1957.


Two Friends

The meaningful friendship between Frederick Douglas and Susan B. Anthony was rooted in their joint belief of equality. Despite obstacles they worked together to change America.


One Love

The message of Bob Marley's beautiful song is put to colorful images in this timeless children's book.


The Other Side

When segregation prevents two girls from crossing a fence separating their town they find a way around the rules by becoming friends while sitting on the fence.


A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr.

David Adler's book tells the story of Martin Luther King Jr. from his childhood to civil rights leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner.


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