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Do Nothing For 30 Seconds

Do Nothing For 30 Seconds

Last week I was talking to my friend and fellow Mom on the phone. While we were catching up I was loading the dishwasher, making funny faces at Leo and cooking lunch in the toaster oven. What was she doing.....folding laundry and helping her kids with homework. Somehow we managed to pull off our long overdue conversation.

Part of being a Mom means you're constantly busy. The downtime you used to have gets filled with vacuuming, baths or just playtime.

It's not that you can't take a break. But all Moms feel the pressure to keep things from piling up. 

All this can leave you feeling pretty stressed out and exhausted.

So after Leo went down for a nap that day I decided to start a new routine. Taking 30 seconds to do nothing every day.

It's enough time to breath and feel refreshed but not so much that you feel like you're wasting time.

Every day for 30 seconds I've been taking time to sit down, close my eyes, listen to peaceful music, take some deep breaths and a few streches. 

Just a few seconds to unwind makes such a big difference! After I feel centered, focused and re-energized. 

Give it a try 30 seconds for a busy Mom may not sound like much but it can change your world!


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National Girl Scouts Day

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