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The Village Play Cafe

The Village Play Cafe

Winters can be tough with a 2 year old for a few reasons. The most difficult of them all is that its freezing outside! Which means we are stuck inside our cramped little playroom for several months with no where for Leo to run, jump or climb. During the summer I take Leo to the playground everyday so he can run off his little kid energy. In winter though he is just bouncing off the walls with no where to go.

That’s why we were so happy to discover The Village Play Cafe in Chatham.


An indoor play ground and amusement center. We’ve been to other indoor playground but this is the best we’ve found in the area.


Not only does The Village Play Cafe have kids in mind with the cushiony soft floors, super safe jungle gyms and imaginary play centers. They have moms and dads in mind too with the one thing we need the most…!

Yep there is a full on coffee bar with iced and hot drinks, pastries as well as healthy snack for kids.

Another great feature is how open the play place is. The half wall with bar stool seating allows for parents to let the kids run and play while you sit to the side and chat while having your delicious coffee. And did I mention free WiFi in case you need to get a little work done on your laptop?!

It’s the perfect way for Leo to get all of his energy out while Marcelo and I get a little time to unwind. It’s been so amazing we decided to get a membership and make it a regular part of our weekend routine.

Give them a try we know you’ll fall in love too!


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