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Fall Apple Picking

Fall Apple Picking

Part of my Fall Bucket List was to do some apple picking.

Things have been so hectic and every weekend Marcelo & I planned to make it out.

Finally for my birthday we made it to Wightman Farms for a fun filled day of apples, cider. donuts and hayrides!


Wightman Farms is a quaint farm in Morristown, NJ known for their apple picking festival each year.

We had a amazing day watching Leo run through the fields.

Taking a hayride.

Snacking on donuts and perusing all the delicious pies in the shop!


Our admission got us a pass to the apple fields, one pumpkin from the pumpkin patch each. A hayride, three donuts. Access to the haymaze and all the fun games at Wightman Farms!

Leo was so sad when we said apple picking was, “all done”.


We loved it so much we got a year membership so we can go back for pumpkins, blueberries, strawberries and more!

All-in-all it was a perfect birthday!


Good thing we got it in before the snow!!!


Best Apple Pie Ever!

Best Apple Pie Ever!

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