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Fall Activity Bucket List

Fall Activity Bucket List

I love the Fall season, maybe it's the cooler weather or the colorful foliage or Halloween or that it's my birthday season.

But something about Fall makes me want to get out and go more than the other seasons.

Every Fall I make a bucket list of things to do before Winter arrives. It's always overly ambitious and never gets fully completed. But this year I'm optimistic we'll get to do each one. 


Apple Picking

A classic! I have so many fond memories of apple picking as a kid. Then coming home with barrels of apples and helping to make apple pie, apple sauce, apple pancakes, caramel apples. There are TONS of things you can make with apples so the more the better.


Paint Pumpkins

Break out your paints and brushes, settle in for an afternoon craft. You can paint pumpkins with all types of fall themes. Then use them to decorate your stoop or table. It's the perfect homemade accent for the season.

Make Mitten Puppets

All those gloves and mittens you save year after year in hopes of recovering their mate. Don't throw them out! Add some google eyes and a felt mouth. Then put on a puppet show. (These puppet shows always kept my sisters and I entertained and happy on long car rides.)


Add Squash To Your Meals

Fall is the time of year when all varieties of squash take over the produce section. They are delicious, nutritious and oh so easy to make. So gobble them up while it's still the season!

Make BIG Leaf Piles To Jump In

Raking leaves is such a chore. Have a little fun with it. Get everyone outside and see who can make the biggest pile. Then run, jump, hide in them. You will have to rake up the leaves again afterwards but trust me it's worth it!


Corn Maze

A corn maze is surprisingly fun and difficult to get through. Marcelo and I went to this one a few years ago and couldn't believe how long it took us to get out. We were laughing the whole time and have always wanted to go back.


Hay Ride

This one I have never done but it sounds like the perfect way to spend an early evening. Kicking back in a slow moving wagon with a flask of wine watching the stars come out. Great idea for a date night.


Toast Pumpkin Seeds

When you finally do carve a pumpkin, toasting the seeds is a must! I love snacking on toasted pumpkin seeds while watching a movie it's almost better than popcorn.


Picnic For Dinner

In the summer we constantly eat dinner outside. We BBQ dinner and then sit around the picnic table eating, watching the sun set. It's equally beautiful to sit outside this time of day in Fall. Why not mix it up and do a picnic for dinner. Pick up some fried chicken and potato salad at the store. Lay out a blanket in the backyard or park and sip on warm apple cider while enjoying the early evening air. 

Fall Cleaning

Do some Fall cleaning (put together canned good donations for local food banks, give away all those summer items you don't want anymore, start washing the blankets, scarves etc to get ready for the chilly weather. And break out your slow cooker!)


Take A Day Trip To The Country

Nothing's better than taking a drive to somewhere scenic when all the leaves are changing. Find someplace nearby (like Hudson Valley) with plenty of open space so you can walk around and really enjoy the outdoors


Plan Your Winter Getaway

Winter will be here before you know it. Start planning some ideas of where to go in those gloomy Winter months to get some sun!

How about you? What would be on your Fall Bucket List?


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