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Wedding Planning: Fall & Winter Bridesmaid Dress Trends

Wedding Planning: Fall & Winter Bridesmaid Dress Trends

Everyone has the same thought the second your friend asks you to be a bridesmaid.....what's the dress going to look like. And why not. You want to look good in these photos as well since they'll be all over social media and in your life forever. Luckily, brides think more and more about how to make their bridesmaids look good and feel comfortable. So much so that it's about as much fun to select a bridemaid dress as it is to choose a wedding dress.

Wendy Dessler knows all about the bridesmaid trends for the upcoming season and was nice enough to share them with us here! Take a look at her amazing style advice.

As we move past summer weddings we have seen the color selections of the bridesmaid dress darkens. Many brides who want the understated sophistication of black, navy and deep gray set their wedding date for cooler months. While pastels are always an in-demand item for weddings, fall and winter weddings of elegance are trending with darker selections.

However, we have seen a shift in this trend. The colors are firm and the look of grace remains, bridesmaids are softening the look with selections of dresses with lace sheaths, lace overlays, and beaded gowns. These additions enhance the gown, soften it a bit, and allows the deep colors to provide the look intended.

Splash of color

The trend with the darker colors has been to add a splash of color with a ribbon belt, white gloves, a shawl or cape. But the addition of the lace and/or beads makes that unnecessary. However, a pop of color must be somewhere.

With this look, bridesmaids are wearing a contrasting-colored shoe, or carrying an oversized bouquet of flowers. It is not necessary to go extremely bright with the color splash. A deep red, ink blue, or white shoe will work beautifully.

Cut and style

A-line gowns of chiffon are the hot trend for winter 2017 & 2018. A fuller skirt with a dramatic split up one leg is a popular choice. This adds a sexy hint to the dress but appears as a full skirt (in tact) for photographs.

The mermaid gown is another popular bridesmaid choice. Keeping the flare of the hemline reserved a bit, gives the look of class and charm.

Of course, when you are using deep colors and chic styles, the form-fitting gown is always a wise selection.

Body Art


With body art being a trend in itself, you would wonder why this subject continues to come up, but if you give it some thought, it is clear. Many brides and grooms have body art of their own. Some embrace it and proudly show it off in their wedding attire. Their bridal party is likely to have similar tattoos and piercings and this is not an issue. However, for every bride proudly framing her ink, there is another who wants to cover hers for the day.

If a bride wants an elegant wedding and she requests that tattoos are covered and body jewelry be removed, she has a right to do so. It is not an insult to the bridesmaid, it is a particular look she is trying to achieve for a particular day.

If a bridesmaid is wearing a royal purple gown with a lace sheath, and the gown is strapless or has a scooped back, and the bridesmaid is supporting a 10” tattoo of a tongue in the center of her back, the look the bride is trying to get is ruined. It is not about the approval of body art, it is about the look of her wedding.


Tattoos can be airbrushed away or can be covered with special makeup like Dermablend. Of course, some brides simply ask for the use of lace shawls during photographs. Whatever she requests, her bridal party should be understanding and supportive,


Wedding trends tend to adjust with the brides who arrange them. Using creativity and their own taste is encouraged. After all, someone taking a chance on a new look, is what begins a trend in the first place. It is the bride who is not afraid to step out of the box that opens fashion styles for brides around the world. So, take a chance and have the wedding of your dreams.


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