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Choosing A Wedding Photographer

Choosing A Wedding Photographer

When Marcelo and I were planning our wedding we sat down and made a priority list of what was most important to us to spend money on. Top of our list, before food and even my dress, was the photographer.

To us this was the most important thing for our wedding day. We were only getting married once and wanted to have photos we could cherish, look at happily and share for a lifetime.

The first qualification for a photographer was that they did both engagement and wedding photos. The second was that we were able to own all the digital prints. If we didn't own the digital prints then we would have to pay each time we wanted to use or reproduce one the images from our big day.

We started researching and learned that different photographers have different styles. So we not only had to evaluate their work but their personality. If they were like us, quirky, funny, don't take themselves too seriously, romantics. Then those parts of our personalities would shine through more in each photograph. Most of all we would feel relaxed, comfortable in front of the camera and able to be ourselves.

I spoke with and met with a few photographers. In the end we went with Chris from Weddings By Two. He did both our engagement and wedding photos.

Our engagement session was so much fun. We went up to the high line walked around. Took some standard shots and some spontaneous ones.

I had brought some props which he seamlessly worked into our photos.

The day of the wedding Chris hung out with the bridesmaids and did our "Getting Ready" photos without making any of us feel self conscious.

He managed to capture the heartwarming moments of the ceremony.

Most of all he could make himself invisible with the camera. We got great candid shots of ourselves and our guests. All because they didn't know they were being photographed.

My favorite is the series below he took of Marcelo & I practicing our first dance on the street before entering the reception. We didn't realize he was clicking away until after. I just love these photos of us. For me it encapsulates the whole day.

In the end prioritizing the photography was our best decision. We look at these photos in the album all the time and can't wait until Leo gets older so we can look through them as a family.


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