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Best Books For Late Talkers

Best Books For Late Talkers

Leo turns 18 Months in September and he's growing so fast. It's hard to believe we were throwing his Half Year Birthday Party this time last year.

Back then he was holding his head up and just starting to crawl. Now he walks, feeds himself, climbs, and so much more.

The only thing he doesn't do, that's troubling us, is talk!

He speaks. Often Leo will drop words on us: ball, Mama, Dada, Grandma, hi, hug, why?. But it's infrequent and he won't repeat them on request. No, seems to be the only exception to this pattern. No is a word he has no problem saying to broccoli, socks and going to bed.

Sometimes he walks up to us and babbles a looooooong sentence. Then looks at us like we are supposed to do or say something....sorry buddy we have no idea what you just said?!

While were concerned, we're not too worried yet. 

Many children are late talkers. Other Moms have mentioned that their kids aren't speaking yet either. On top of that we've noticed Leo is often ready to do things a month or two later than some other kids.

In the meantime we're making an effort to read more to Leo. We're also asking more questions. 

  • Do you like the banana?
  • Are you tired?
  • What color is your shirt?
  • What sound does the puppy make?
  • Who's at the door? (The answers always Dada)

Here's a list of books we've been told are great learning tools for late talkers to help them with listening, learning and responding.

If you're looking for interactive games to play and encourage your child to speak in addition to reading Totschooling has tons of free downloadable learning tools.

Keep reading! It's the best way to teach your child to talk.

Karen Katz is the ultimate in lift-the-flap books. They are interactive, fun to read, and easy for little kids to learn from. After reading "Where Is Baby's Belly Button" a few times Leo now points to his tummy when we ask......"where is Leo's belly button?"

Books that encourage children to make sounds are a good start to getting them to speak. These two books are full of animal and car sounds that are easy for little ones to mimic.

What baby doesn't like being tickled! The more fun your child can have while reading a book the more they will want to read it over and over again.

We got this book before our first trip to the Zoo. It was great seeing the connection Leo made when we read it to him that evening when we got back home. He kept looking at us like he was thinking, "oh this is a real place!"

Children who are late talkers tend to be very visual. We read these books to Leo but often he takes them out on his own just to stare at the pictures on the pages. Watching him develop a love of enjoying books on his own is a great treat.

We were given this book as a gift and never really used it. My parents took it out one day while babysitting. Now it's one of Leo's favorite. Story time and puppet show all in one. Leo cracks up when we have the little puppets talk to him.

Leo says "hi" like crazy to everyone he sees. "Hippo Says Hello" is a good way for us to keep encouraging him to build on his hello and say more. "Hide and Seek Harry" is a whole series of a big hippo hiding behind small objects. Since peek-a-boo is Leo's favorite game he totally gets what the book is about. Plus on each page we can say "Where's Harry?" he gets so excited at finding him on each page.


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