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(Mini) Date Night

(Mini) Date Night

One week after Leo was born Marcelo called me from the office and said I'm taking you out for a glass of wine tonight so I can hear about your day. 

We never made it out that evening and swore we'd go out the next night. Between the exhaustion of having a newborn and the craziness of life, the long planned date night never happened. 

At least once a week Marcelo and I say we are going to go out to dinner alone. We either never make it out of the house OR we decide to bring Leo with us because we love having him around. 

It's gotten to a point now where Marcelo and I have agreed we need to make more room in our relationship for our....relationship. 

While we agree that going out after 8:30 PM at night is still an overwhelming task. As an alternative we've come up with a list of ideas for Mini-Date Nights to get us started. 

Get A Cocktail

Go for a drink. Back to our original idea of stepping out for a glass of wine, going out to get a beer or cocktail gets you out and alone together for at least 30 minutes. 

Go For A Walk

Take a walk around the block. Have a friend or family member watch your little one while you stretch your legs and get some fresh air. You'd be amazed at how just taking a walk can spark up a fascinating conversation. If your really having a good time talking.....just go around the block again. 

Popcorn And Movie On The Couch

Again have a friend or family member come over. After your little one goes to sleep sit down for that movie that came and went in the movie theater and is now on Netflix. If your cutie wakes up there are capable hands nearby to rock them back to sleep while you fully invest in the plot line. 

Dinner Alone For Two

The last time Marcelo and I ate dinner alone was takeout in the car after Leo fell asleep on the way home. Before the weather gets too cold we're going to try to have dinner together again in the backyard while my mom watches Leo inside. 

Cook Together

I know it sounds like more of a chore. But Marcelo use to cook together once a week. We would have more fun in the kitchen than at the table together. I can count on 2 hands the amount of meals I've prepared since Leo was born. It would be fun to get back in the kitchen together and make a fancy meal for 2. 

Make Plans

After your little ones go to bed sit down together and make some plans. Where do you want to travel to. Where would you love to live. What restaurant would you love to go to. Sometimes making the plan is as much fun as the actual date night. If you need something to get the ball rolling this book is great for learning new things about another person and starting conversations.

No matter what kind of Mini-Date you decide to do make sure you talk. It's the best way to really feel like you got away from it all for a bit with your significant other. And it's the perfect way to have a great time.


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