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Building A Sustainable Kids Wardrobe For Fall

Building A Sustainable Kids Wardrobe For Fall

When I was pregnant I started shopping for baby clothing. Not only was everything adorable and tiney tiny. It was expensive and babies would grow out of it in just a few months.

Leo was born at the end of winter so we needed lots of warm clothing for him. 2 months later for Spring/Summer we needed items to keep him nice and cool in the city heat. When Fall rolled around we had already purchased 2 seasons of outfits that he would never wear again. 

I cultivated a plan to make a sustainable wardrobe for Leo that would take him from the lukewarm end of summer, to the end of chilly fall. Some of the items were even able to transition and make it through to the end of winter! 

It saved us on time, space and budget. A big help when we wanted to splurge on toys at Christmas. Here's how we built a Sustainable Kids Wardrobe For Fall.

First thing we did at the end of August was to go through all of Leo's clothing items. The items were divided into categories: items didn't fit anymore, items he wouldn't need anymore, items he would grow out of in the next month, items he could conceivable fit into for a few months more. 

Anything that no longer fit or wasn't needed we stored away. Then we assessed what items we could transition to the Fall season.

For adults in NYC the key is layering. Winter, layering up so you can strip down if you go into a hot department store or office. Summer, layering down so you can add a lightweight cover up in a chilly movie theater or restaurant.

We decided to apply the same theory to Leo's wardrobe for Fall and layer him up.

We kept all the short sleeve onesies and pajama pants that would fit him for the next few months. Then we purchased sweaters, hoodies, jackets and socks to make the summer items Fall weather appropriate.

Then we purchased a few items just to cover our bases so Leo would be toasty warm at all times. Leo was 6 months old at the start of September. Instead of buying clothing in his exact age range we purchased items that would fit him up to 12 months old. We were originally concerned about the sleeve and arm lengths being too long. But we rolled them up and it was never an issue!  

The result....?

The items lasted him all through the Fall, some even lasted through mid-Winter. 

When he started outgrowing some of the clothing we transitioned it into pajamas. We figured if it still fit but the sleeves were a little too short it's ok to have him wear it at night when noone will see him. 

Some of the items, like this jacket, still fit him today. 

I love that we have been able to refresh his wardrobe rather than purchase an entirely new one. 

With all the extra money we save I can get Leo baby classes, new toys, have extra outings to museums and the zoo. 

If you'd like to start building a Sustainable Kids Wardrobe For Fall here are my suggestions of what to purchase to help stretch out what you already have.


Try to get something neutral so it can be paired with different bottoms. These are way too cute! 


Hoodies are easy to take on and off. You can layer when it's a chilly fall morning then take off for the afternoon sun. 


Try to pick out a jacket that's waterproof with a warm lining. You can size the jacket up by almost a year since you'll be putting it on over sweaters. Bonus it may last you until the next Fall. 


I like the socks from GAP. The blue and grey colors match everything. Since they're triple roll the calf is longer than regular sock and it gives you a little more room to grow. 

TIGHTS (for girls)

Summer skirts can still work in the Fall. Add some tights for warmth and twirl away! 


Buy a few long sleeve shirts or long sleeve onesies for when the temperature starts to drop. It's good to have on hand so you aren't caught off guard.  


I like to get neutral colors pants with fun prints to offset the sweaters and hoodies


I'm a big fan of one and done  stock up on a few one pieces for those days when half the laundry is in the hamper


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