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5 End Of Summer Getaways

5 End Of Summer Getaways

A few weekends ago Marcelo, Leo and I did a last minute getaway to NYC using the new app Hotel Tonight which lets you find discounted hotels the day of. We had an amazing weekend. It got me thinking about all the other last minute getaways that we could do before the end of summer gets here.

Here are some of my top picks for a long weekend getaway. 


I used to spend every summer at my grandparents house in Maine by the beach. Maine is a perfect road trip destination. Once you arrive it's filled with quaint cottages, light houses and towns. But my favorite reason to go to Maine is lobster, lobster and lobster! It's a perfect long weekend destination to kick back, relax and unwind.

Ft. Lauderdale

True, Ft. Lauderdale was once known as the ultimate Spring Break destination. Not so much anymore. Marcelo and I have visited multiple times and love it there. The beaches are clean and beautiful. Great restaurants and shopping. It's like going to a small town version of Miami. Sunny and fun!


If you're looking for the New England feel with less travel time Nantucket is the way to go. We went here a few years ago and had, what we still call, the perfect weekend. Jet Blue flies there direct from New York. This small island has a beachy Boston feel. You can rent scooters or bikes to explore. Hang out by the beautiful beach. Eat amazing food and even visit a brewery.


If you just want to get out of town but keep all the city amenities Philly is the way to go. On either bus or train you can get there in under 2 hours. They have historical sites to see. Or just hang out, go to a bar, get a cheese steak, wander around and explore. There's no shortage of things to do!

Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore gets a bad rap but it's in reality a great weekend getaway destination and so close by. Rent a car or hop on the NJT and you can be Long Branch, Sandy Hook, Avon By The Sea, Spring Lake and Point Pleasant in about an hour. There are even ferries that go from the Finance District to some beautiful quaint shore locations. Grab a towel get some tunes and hit the boardwalk for saltwater taffy.


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