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Surprising Alternate Uses For Baby Wipes

Surprising Alternate Uses For Baby Wipes

When Leo was first born I thought it was such a pain to always have to lug baby wipes around in my diaper bag. The packages are so huge they would take up more space than the diapers.

16 months later I can't imagine ever leaving the house without them. In addition to being helpful to have on hand when you touch something gross, spill coffee on a taxi cab seat or happen to get that bathroom stall that's out of tp. There are tons of other uses for them. Baby wipes can do almost anything! 

Here are some of my favorite alternate uses for baby wipes discoveries!

Remove Eye Make Up

All those packages of makeup removers sold in the drug store work great. But you can save yourself a dash to the store. Baby wipes can easily remove eye makeup (even stubborn mascara). They can even remove the dirt and oil from your skin same as the wipes sold in the beauty aisle. Plus they're sensitive enough to clean up babies face after diner they'll be gentle on yours as well.

Tame Static Hair

In the winter when hats go on and off all day allot of peoples hair tends to get electrified by mid-day. A little rub of baby wipes at the roots helps neutralize those flyways and keeps everything in check.

Replacement For Dry Shampoo

Yep. If your out of dry shampoo and don't have time for a quick wash you can use baby wipes. Just rub a little at the root by your scalp. They will absorb any excess oil and give your hair a refresh.

Stain Remover

Baby wipes can get stains out of anything! This summer Leo ran up to me with strawberry covered hands and THWAP! His little red hand print was on my white cotton skirt. I've found if you get to the stain quick enough with a baby wipe it's like it never happened. WHEW!

It can also work on furniture, walls, carpets, car seats. Almost anything. Now that Leo's into crayons I'm so thankful for this.

Stay Cool In Summer

During the Summer, keep a pack of baby wipes in your fridge. Use them when you step into your apartment and out of the brutal August heat for a quick cool down.

Pet Hair Remover

You've run out of the house and suddenly you realize that your pets fur is all over you. Wipes are a magnet for pet hair. You can also catch those stubborn hairs. This works wonders on the couch too.

Get Rid Of Deodorant Marks On Clothes

Nothing makes you want to keep your arms right by your side like those pesky white deodorant marks. Along with removing stains baby wipes can make those marks disappear. It dries quickly as well so a quick wipe and your done!

Shine Up Leather

Your shoes, or bag needs a quick revive. Rub a baby wipe over the surface for a quick polish and out the door.

Let's hear from you? What are your alternate baby wipe use discoveries? Have any other products with a surprising second use?


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