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Glow Pops For Fussy Eaters

Glow Pops For Fussy Eaters

Hi how was everyone 4th of July?

we ended up last minute going to a carnival morning of in our town. It was so cute! They had a bounce house, train ride, pony rides and best of all a fire truck AND an ambulance parked for all the kids to go inside and explore. This was Leo's second encounter with a real live fire truck. As soon as he got inside he started saying "wooooo, woooooo, woooo" It was too adorable for words. 

Another good thing for me, Marcelo had a four day weekend. So we got allot of family time together with just the three of us. It also gave me a little extra time to play around in the kitchen.  

Leo's been going through a fussy eating stage lately. He only wants fruit, cheese and yogurt. No meat and NO vegetables. 

His pediatrician said it's completely normal. All kids go through this phase where they only want to eat what they want to eat......and it's usually foods with sugar, like fruit. She said to just let it ride it's course and eventually he'll get tired of it and go back to typical eating habits.  

BUT, we're supposed to try to sneak in meat and vegetables wherever we can.  


I had gone to our local library to check out the new cookbook Glow Pops  earlier in the week (seriously guys the library has everything these days) to make some treats for myself. Maybe you've heard of this new book by Liz Moody? It was featured on GOOP and in Vogue  it's got some tasty popsicle ideas that are actually healthy for you.

Since I was going to whip something up. I decided why not make something that Leo might eat.  


I went with the  Chocolate Covered Strawberry Spinach Pops. it could not have been easier. I put all the ingredients into a food processor, mixed it up and poured it into the molds to set. 

Four hours later!


This guy had eaten his daily serving of spinach and loved it! 


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