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Top Ten Things I Love About Being A Mom

Top Ten Things I Love About Being A Mom

We're back from Portland! It was great to get away and explore a new city. We need a little break from our daily routine. Plus it was our first vacation as a family so every moment felt special.

I'll be posting about our trip next week. But for now here are the Top Ten Things I Love About Being A Mom.


Caring for my son (doing anything for him just makes me happy)


Watching him develop (16 months ago he could not do a thing. Now he walks, talks feeds himself. Everyday it's something new and each new thing is equally thrilling to witness)


That special mom & child bond


Seeing the world through his eyes (I love watching his face to see the thought process as he takes in new things or comes to realizations. It makes it new to me as well)


Planning fun excursions to see something new


How deeply you learn to love (I didn't know it would be this deep or this wonderful)


Taking him to the supermarket (He loves all the colors and people)


Naps (if be lying if I didn't say I enjoyed his daily nap time)


Learning about him and seeing the potential of who he'll become (Leo loves musical instruments and figuring out how things fit together like caps on bottles. Who will he be?! A musician?, an engineer? Maybe both?!)


Knowing that for the rest of my life this special person will be my son and some days will be hard and some will be great and some will be just ok. But no matter what he'll be my son for life and I'll love him like this for life.

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