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Summer Cocktails

Summer Cocktails

I'm out in Portland this week for my sisters wedding. We're having so much fun. Portland is an amazing city that really offers the best of everything. I'm trying to squeeze some stuff in between all the wedding errands like going to my favorite breakfast places, coffee shops and stores.  

One thing I totally forgot about that Portland does so well is.......cocktails!

Creative, delicious, original cocktails. 

We went out to dinner last night at Burrasca. A beautiful Tuscan inspired Italian restaurant.

instead of wine my sisters and I got cocktails with dinner. Mine was a take on a Pims Cup. They got a nighttime version of a Mimosa. Both amazing, perfect summer drinks and easy enough to make again at home.  

Bassano Cup (version of the classic Pim's)

  • nardini tagliatella
  • san pellegrino limonata
  • fresh lime

mix in a shaker serve with ice


  • Choose aperol
  • capelletti
  • cynar, or the Hugo (with fiorente elderflower)
  • prosecco + soda

shake and serve over ice (maybe in this georgous glass)


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