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Off To Portland

Off To Portland

I'm off to Portland today. Marcelo & I love traveling and this will be the first trip we have taken with Leo.

I can't wait to see his reaction to the airport, airplanes and flying.

What I'm not looking forward to......traveling alone with Leo.

I'm going to Portland a few days early to help out with my sisters wedding. Marcelo is going to be joining us later in the week.

That means it is not only Leo's first trip. It's my first trip as a Mom with a baby.

Between arriving 2 hours early, TSA lines and all this happening right in the middle of what is supposed to be Leo's nap time I'm seeing an array of things that could go wrong.

In order to try to keep things as manageable as possible here's my game plan for getting through the airport and through the flight.

Packing As Light As Possible

I'm taking only absolutely what I need with me to the airport. That means just what I need to have with me until I land. Of course I'm bringing enough clothing for Leo and myself. But instead of packing travel size shampoo, body wash, lense soliciting, etc. I'm waiting until tomorrow when I can walk down the street of my Airbnb to purchase these. On top of that I'm only bringing enough clothing to last until Marcelo arrives. He's bringing the rest in his suitcase. If I need more I can always do a wash in our rental.

Buy Baby Supplies There 

Packing light also goes for baby items. Baby food, diapers, wipes. I'm packing enough to get me through 24 hours. Everything else I'll purchase there. Because let's face it I could fill a whole suitcase with just diapers alone!

Baby Carrier 

Instead of bringing a stroller with me to the airport I'm taking our Ergobaby 360 Carrier. Leo's walking well enough on his own now. Once we get to the gate he's not going to want to sit still. I don't want to have to lug a stroller on and off of the plane. Worse I don't want to check it! I plan to use the baby carrier through the TSA until we get to the gate. Hopefully Leo will be so distracted by all the sites he won't be wiggling to get out and run around. I'm also hoping I can walk him in this a bit on the plane if need be to get him down for a nap.


Leo's been going through a fussy eating stage where all he wants to eat are food pouches. Unfortunately they are all 4 oz. The TSA doesn't allow for liquid over 3.4 oz. My plan is to make some mac & cheese (which he loves) and bring it with me to the airport. That along with some cheese sticks, freeze dried fruit and his favorite crackers should get us through the 6 hour flight.


I'm ditching my diaper bag and using a backpack to cart everything with me. It's bigger and will make carrying the extra gear manageable.


My biggest concern of them all is keeping Leo entertained while he sits on my lap in our small seat for 6 whole hours! I am fully expecting a mid-flight meltdown but am going to do everything I can to avoid it. To keep him distracted during the flight I'm bringing: a few legos, his picture cards, teething toy, crayons, his favorite stuffed animal, and these awesome finger puppet books.

In addition to all this I'm using the new Netflix feature, which allows you to download movies, to load the iPad with all of his favorites: Secret Life Of Pets, Jungle Book, Kung Fu Panda. Basically whatever I can find. I'm also downloading Lion and  Friends From College for myself (just in case he naps).

All-in-all I feel prepared. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly!

What are your go to traveling with kids items? Do you like to go prepared or buy along the way? Any advise or tips you've learned?


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