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Baby Swim Classes

Baby Swim Classes

One thing that is really important to Marcelo & I is that Leo be comfortable in the water. To us it's the first step in learning how to swim.

Part of the reason is we both had really bad experiences with water as a kid and didn't learn how to swim until our early teens.

Since we didn't want the same for Leo I started taking baby swim lessons with him last fall.

At first I didn't know what to expect. I mean Leo couldn't even crawl yet what was he going to do in the pool?

The first lesson was teaching the parents how to safely get in and out of the water with baby. Different ways to hold a baby in the water The do's and don'ts of how to teach your child about the water (For example you never put a child's head under water. You wait until they are comfortable enough to do it themselves).

The next classes were songs, games and just floating around the pool exploring.

Over time Leo went from being a little afraid of the water to never wanting to get out.

Now it's his favorite thing!

Anything with water makes him happy. This summer I got him a little paddle pool for the backyard. He will spend all day playing in it.

It's now become my favorite thing to do as well. I'm constantly looking for new bath and pool toys we can try out.


Most of all I can't wait for fall to arrive so we can begin our lessons again!

How about you? Do you do baby swim classes? Do you like them? Have you been able to spend allot of time in the water this summer?


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