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Decorative Ice Cubes

Decorative Ice Cubes

Over 4th of July Marcelo & I had a rare four days together to just hang out and relax. Having all three of us together for almost a whole week was a dream.  

Pit also meant I could have a little time to myself to do the things I never have time to do, like make popsicles. 

In the summer I like to make infused water. It's so refreshing on a hot day and the hint of flavor makes it more enjoyable than plain water.  


So while I was in the kitchen making cucumber & mint, strawberry & basil and blueberry & pineapple water. I decided to get creative and make ice cubes to match.  

I was so effortless and gave our drinks a colorful festive touch.  


Here's the easy instructions on how to make these yourself. 

For clear ice cubes use filtered water. If you really want to see through the ice boil the water first and let it cool before pouring into the molds.  If you like the frosty look then just use ordinary water from the tap.


Get large ice cube trays (silicone is best for popping the ice cubes out) you want to make sure they are large enough to encase what you are freezing. They also last longer in your drinks and you only need a few cubes to fill a glass.

Fill each compartment of the tray about a quarter of the way full.

Then plunk in your fruit (or flower) of choice.

Fill up the remainder of the trai and freeze.

Then add it to your drink sit back on enjoy!


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