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Wedding Cake Alternatives

Wedding Cake Alternatives

Cakes for wedding are becoming less and less traditional and it's not hard to see why. They re incredibly expensive! Plus they'll be gone in a second after cutting into them.  

For our wedding we went with a variety of cupcakes and a candy bar. I ordered boxes and put our engagement photos on the side so guests could help themselves to the extra candy to take home and enjoy. It looked colorful, fun and festive. Everyone had so much fun with it. 

Here are some other great alternatives to wedding cakes I've seen since then. 


Cake Shake

its just that a milk shake with cake blended into it


Whoopie Pies

I mean who doesn't love these delectable chocolate sandwiches


Actual Pie

My sister is doing just this for her wedding a whole table of pies! It's going to be amazing


Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Best dessert alternative to cake?......ICE CREAM


Fruit & Cheese

If sweets aren't really your thing then why not go for something savory to round off the wedding meal like a fruit & cheese plate



Have you heard? Donuts are taking over as the new dessert fad. You can get fancy and delictible ones for a reasonable price. Then arrange them to make a cake tower. How Perfect!


Rice Crispy Treats

If you want to make your own dessert this would be a stress free way to go. Bonus it's easy to make squares large enough to tier like a traditional cake.  


Waffle Bar

Morning wedding are becoming incredibly popular. There's more venue availability, they're low key and casual and to top it off much less expensive to throw. If your having a morning wedding why not go the whole way and end it with a waffle bar. Who doesn't love a waffle?! 



If your having an outdoor wedding or a rustic wedding why not set up a campfire and hand out s'more kits! Plus it's a good excuse to take a break from making the wedding rounds and enjoy for a while.  



Lastly my hands down favorite dessert. What's not to love fried pastry, dipped in caramel or chocolate. Add a side of ice cream and some fruit. You're guests will be in heaven! 


Glow Pops For Fussy Eaters

Glow Pops For Fussy Eaters

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