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Celebrating 4th Of July (Without Fireworks)

Celebrating 4th Of July (Without Fireworks)

I've only missed fireworks on 4th of July one time in my life. Apparently when I was 9 months old my parents brought me and I fell asleep after the first bang. That was last year when our little guy was too small to take out at night and watch the show.  Even when we lived in NYC AND IS WAS OVER 90 degrees at night Marcelo & I would head over to the east side to watch the show along the Hudson River. 

This year we're debating whether or not we should take Leo. I'd love to see his reaction to the colors and lights. At the same time he's still pretty young. It's going to come down to a last minute decision the day of. So in the meantime I've been brainstorming some ideas of things can do to celebrate in case we decide it's not for us this year. 

Neighborhood Block Party

Getting together all of your neighbors, especially those with kids, is a great way to spend the evening hours when everyone else is off watching fireworks. Get permission to block off a portion of the street so children can play safely and bring out chairs and tables. It doesn't have to be fancy since it's evening time you can request that everyone just bring desert and something to drink. Have a best red, white & blue outfit contest to get people into the spirit.

Capture The Flag Or Water Fight

If there was ever a game to be played at night it's capture the flag. In the hot weather a water fight is even better and nothing's off limits! Balloons, super soakers, a busker of water you name it. Plus no winners no losers just fun. It can even be the start to your block party. Play until there's a winner then everyone can hang out afterwards. Getting a group involved is a great way to start a tradition. 

4th Of July Movie Night

Every 4th Of July before going to bed I watch 1776 . Admittedly it's a dorky tradition but I love this movie. Marcelo always groans when I put it on then stays up with me through the whole thing. If musicals aren't your thing try Independence Day, Saving Private Ryan, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, Red Dawn or Captain America. 

Star Gazing

its not the most common way to spend the holiday but it's a quieter one. Find a spot away from the noise and lights, pack a picnic dinner and blanket. Then hang out while the sun goes down and you get ready for the big show.

Camp Out

Either on a campground or pitch a tent in your backyard. Grill out, make s'mores and tell spooky stories. Let the campfire be your fireworks show! 


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