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Wedding Planning: Location

Wedding Planning: Location

When I started planning my wedding I was totally overwhelmed. Invitations, food, registry, flowers, time of year. There are literally a millions things to do when planning a wedding.

Luckily A friend of mine who had gotten married the year before was able to give me some great advice. Location and dress first everything after that is easy.

It's true! Once you have the location it's easy to nail down a time line to get everything else done.

For us finding a location was a frustrating experience. We were having the wedding in New York. A city that is notorious for overpriced venues.

To start out we knew what we didn't want. Not outdoors, not a hotel, no shuffling guests around 3 different locations before the reception. Most important EVERYTHING in house.

This was probably our most important requirement. The last thing we wanted to deal with after finding a location was to then have to find separate vendors for tables, chairs, linens, dishes, caterers, liquor, waiters, bar staff, etc. Too much work and too much room for things to go wrong. If your location has all of these and something goes off track they handle it for you.

We really wanted something that felt warm, inviting, friendly. Not impersonal. We started with all the options in our budget. And promptly started checking everything off of our list. Too dark, torn carpets, too far away from public transportation, no dance floor, no heat or air conditioning. One place in queens was perfect! Then we found out they were booked out for the next two years. Yikes!

Throughout the 2 month search process we kept referring to the venue where our friends had been married the year before. (Same friend that gave me the advice). It had everything we were looking for. Dance space, good size, warm lighting, foliage, beautiful decor, great food, intimate setting.....

One night after saying about 10 times to each other "if only we could find a location just like that one." Marcelo suggested that maybe I could ask my friend if she would mind if we had our wedding there as well.

In the back of my mind I really, really wanted to use their location. We
both really loved it. Something about asking felt awkward to me. Like we might be taking away from what was her marriage moment in a way.

After about 2 days and 20 text drafts I got up the courage to press send. I felt so silly because about 5 minutes later she responded "yes, absolutely!" with as much enthusiasm as I could have hoped for.

What I learned was that when picking the location you have to go with what you love. Even if it's not what everyone else wants as long as you and the groom are happy that's what matters most because everything else you plan from there forward revolves around the location.

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