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What Can I Do To Help?

What Can I Do To Help?


So much has changed in our world over the last 2 years. Watching the news it's hard not to feel overwhelmed by all that is happening across our globe. I'm sure many of you, like me, had a big shift in how you view these issues once your child was born.

It was no longer the state of the world. It became the world that is growing and changing and my child will someday have to make their way in it, on their own.

It makes you want to get involved. Do whatever you are able to do so your children can do their best out there.

But if your like me watching the news about Syrian refugees, natural disasters, employment issues. It's hard to know where or how to get involved.

I did some research and have put together a list of organizations that you can either donate to or volunteer with to help improve our global community.

If you don't have kids do it for no other reason than it feels good to do something good for others!


2016 was called The Year of Refugees. With the current political climate it's almost all anyone can talk about. Global Citizen has provided 15 ways you can help refugees right now. By either donating to an organization like White Helmets or volunteering with the International Rescue Committee.

Natural Disasters

Nature kicks up its feet and in an instant everything is gone. When natural disasters happen everyone wants to help out. Most organizations say that monetary donations are the best way to donate after a natural disaster. Cash is easy to transfer to another state or country and can be used to quickly provide what is needed. You can donate to great organizations like The American Red Cross or Oxfam. If you want to volunteer to help those in need Interaction provides a list of organizations doing relief work in affected regions. CNN and Charity Navigator partner on a site called Impact Your World, where you can find a list of "vetted" organizations working on the ground for any given disaster.

Unemployment, Homelessness, Hunger

 Volunteers of America has been around for 121 years. The organization was started and made up of people who voluntarily choose to help others. Currently they have 65,000 volunteers helping 2 million people a year. Their organization works to assist veterans, at-risk-youth, homeless individuals & families, people with disabilities and more. 

Senior Citizens

There are allot of ways to help senior citizens.  Meals On Wheels is a great organization that delivers meals to those who can't leave their homes. They also have a bunch of different ways volunteers can assist. Whether it's delivering food, putting together the meals or organizing the ingredients. This organization needs our help more than ever now that it's falling under the threat of being cut from federal funding. My grandmother received food from Meals On Wheels when she was in her 90's. The food that was delivered kept her healthy. But the smile from the person at the door kept her spirits up. 

Victims Of Terrorism 

Its hard to know the appropriate thing to do when a country or city becomes the target of a terror attack. What do people need? What organization is taking donations for the people involved. The UN has created a portal on Supporting Victims Of Terrorism. The directory lists all organizations currently collecting money to help victims. They let you know what country your donation will go to and how it will be used to assist others. 

Local Community 

Local Community efforts are incredibly rewarding because you see the effects of it every day. Volunteer Match allows you to enter in your residential zip code. Then provides you a list of all volunteer opportunities in your community.

Remember were all in this together. 

Lets Start Spreading Some Love! 

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