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Baby Classes

Baby Classes

How did your experience with the Women's Strike go? Even though I didn't have a "job" to stay home from both Marcelo and I decided to refrain from making any purchases yesterday. Doing something so simple made me feel like I was contributing to the cause in a big way. I'm so thrilled that women are coming together and standing up for the equal rights we deserve!

We have family in town this week for my sisters bridal shower. Most have either never met Leo or haven't seen him since he was just born. I keep getting allot of questions on his routine. When does he sleep, how much does he eat, what does he eat? How does he behave when he is hungry, tired, scared, needs a diaper change, etc.

I can't believe how specific my answers are to each question! When hes sleepy he rubs his eyes. When he has to burp he rubs his nose. When he's hungry he flaps his arms. It has me thinking back to before he was born when I felt semi-clueless on a good portion of how to take care of a baby.

I knew how to change a diaper, the basics of breast feeding (you have a breast, they have a mouth voila......right?) But there was so much I had never had to think about when it came to my younger sisters and cousins. Marcelo knew even less.

About three months into my pregnancy I noticed a flyer for Infant Care Classes at City Births. After both a nurse and another expectant mom told me how good they were I hit the website to do some research.

Granted, I am a nerd. I love taking classes and learning so of course I wanted to sign up for everything. Luckily Marcelo was there and we were able to narrow down our course list to three classes.

First off I decided not to take a child birth class. After speaking with my OBGYN and some friends it didn't sound like it was for me. I planned to do a full epidural the moment it was available and personally when I'm in pain I don't want anyone to touch me. So rubbing my back with tennis balls was entirely out of the question.

In addition to reading books here is what we did sign up for and we're so happy the we did.

Infant Care and Breastfeeding Class

If you are wondering how to do everything an Infant Care class is the best thing to do.

Our amazing instructor covered everything from when to go to the hospital and what to expect at check-in. To what happens in the hour after the baby is born, what tests the nurses give, options for cutting the cord. To the first days at home, how to tell when the baby is hungry, what color the poop should be, how to give a bath.

We left this class feeling like we now knew what to expect as well as how to really prep ourselves and our home for Leo's arrival.

Infant CPR

This class was a must, must, must take for us. We knew the chances of needing to perform the Baby Heimlich Maneuver or CPR on our son were slim but we wanted to be prepared just in case.

Most important tip we got from the class. Take five minutes every two weeks to read over the procedure of both the Baby Heimlich Maneuver and CPR. It's the best way to cement it into your brain in case you ever need to do either.

Unfortunately this class came in handy when Leo was only 5 months old. I came home from the gym and was carrying him up to the bedroom for a diaper change when I noticed he was smacking his gums together. I made him open his mouth and saw a big ball of paper. In a flash he started swallowing it and choking. I was able to scoop the paper out of his mouth. Then flip him over and perform the Baby Heimlich Maneuver on him. I don't know what would have happened if I didn't give him the Heimlich at that moment. Later I found out the person watching Leo had given him tissue paper to play with. 

I would stress that any parent should take a class like this. 

Daddy Boot Camp

This last class was not for me. After it was determined that Marcelo didn't know how to: change a diaper, make a bottle, give a bottle, burp a baby, hold a baby.........I signed him up for this class.

The best thing about this class is that it's taught by Dad's. A few even brought their kids so the Dad's-to-be could try holding them. 

Marcelo said his favorite part of the class was learning how to provide support to the Mom in delivery and the first few months after the baby arrived and what he could do to start building a family unit. Two days after Daddy Boot Camp we were in the hospital putting all this to use.

Hospital Tour

While this wasn't a class it was incredibly informative. We toured the maternity ward of our hospital about a month before we delivered.

Taking the tour made us feel comfortable when we arrived. Things weren't so foreign to us. We knew where to go. What the rooms looked like, where the nurses station was, even how to get to the cafeteria.

I really believe that things went so smoothly during our delivery because we weren't spending allot of time figuring out where everything was.

 With every class we took there is one thing that we could not have learned in any book or class and is by far the most important parenting lesson of all.

Expect to be surprised.

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