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What Kind Of Wedding Did You Have?

What Kind Of Wedding Did You Have?

My sister is currently planning her wedding. It's such a happy and exciting time but also so stressful!

All the talking and planning has me thinking back to my wedding and the planning.

For maybe over 10 years I had my dream wedding in mind. Ever since I read an article where Glamour Editor-in-Cheif Cindi Levi described her cocktail party wedding.

My version was a little different from hers. I wanted a smallish party with an informal ceremony to start. Then music, passed and stationed horsederves. Bar stools and tables with chairs for mingling. Champagne and cocktails.

First thing I learned about planning a wedding is that it's not just about what the bride wants.

After Marcelo and I got engaged I told him my plan. He was not into it! He wanted a wedding wedding.

I really didn't want to have to deal with a full out wedding. My job at the time sometimes kept me at work past 7pm at night.

I came up with a bunch of other suggestions. Destination wedding? City Hall and then a party? Ceremony and dinner at a restaurant? Mid-morning ceremony with brunch reception?

I pitched all my alternate ideas when we met with my parents to discuss the budget. Everyone shot me down! I was crushed. And surprised. I really didn't know that anyone else had been thinking about my wedding but me all these years.

In the end I had to agree that a "traditional" wedding was best for everyone who would be traveling to attend.

But when Marcelo and I get to our 10 year anniversary it's going to be the cocktail party of my dreams.....or a destination vow-renewal.......or a mid-day ceremony and brunch......decisions, decisions.

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