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Amazing News! My younger sister is getting married!

Along with the excitement of a new brother-in-law . Seeing family that live far away. And thoughts of (hopefully soon-to-be) little cousins for our Hunny Bunny.


During my wedding planning I enlisted the help of my mother and baby sister (there are three of us). SO I had someone to scout locations with, visit the florist, come dress shopping with me.

My younger sister lives on the other side of the country. So we don't get to be as involved with her wedding planning.

Except for one thing. Our Bridesmaid Dresses!

I dressed all my bridesmaids the same. In keeping with the new trend my sister has asked all eight (yikes!) bridesmaids get to pick their own pink dress. I want to pick something in line with her rustic Portland, OR wedding.

I've been watching movies about wedding for research (and fun). Thankfully bridesmaid dresses have drastically improved.

27 Dresses

Four Wedding And A Funeral

Bridesmaids (Of Course!)

The Wedding Party

My Best Friends Wedding

Sixteen Candles

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

These are my favorite dresses so far.

Family Day At The Intrepid

Family Day At The Intrepid

Dave Chappelle's Netflix Special

Dave Chappelle's Netflix Special