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Getting Through Morning Sickness

Getting Through Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is really the downside to being pregnant. It's understandable why it happens. Your body is changing rapid fire both hormonal and physical those first few months in that zone something is bound to go off track.

Back when Marcelo and I first started trying to have a baby I was excited for so many aspects of being pregnant.

The part of pregnancy I was most looking forward to? EATING!

I thought pregnancy was going to be all chocolate ice cream and cupcakes.

I was so wrong.

Before I even knew I was pregnant there were signs. I would get a lite nausea around 11 AM which would leave me only wanting bread and ginger ale for lunch. It would kick up again around 4 pm and keep me from eating dinner.

Because it was NYC in August I assumed all my queasiness was from the intense heat in the subway and walking down the street.

Nope. Three weeks later we found out we were pregnant and then my morning sickness kicked up a notch lasting until my 7th month.

I loved so many things about being pregnant. Morning sickness was probably the thing I like least about being pregnant.

Luckily I found some great ways to deal with it.

Cold compress
A cold washcloth or a few ice cubes in a bag for your forehead work wonders to cool you down and alleviate that sea sickness feeling.

Real Ginger
I kept buying ginger ale from our corner store. It helped but mostly it left a really sugary taste in my mouth. One day I stepped into a bodega and saw this drink made with real ginger. Cured my queasies so fast! I also got a bag of these ginger chews for the subway and the office.

At first apples and slices of cheddar cheese on triscuit was all I could eat. I kept craving apples through my entire pregnancy. Turns out the high fiber content in apples makes them great for soothing your stomach.

Listen To Your Cravings
The cravings are so strong because your body is focusing on the food carrying the nutrition you are using to the extreme at that time. So if you're craving chicken soup for breakfast and oatmeal for dinner go for it! For me it was Shake Shack hamburgers with extra pickles and ketchup at lunch every day for 2 months. I always felt better afterwards.

I had an hour long commute to and from work each day on the slow swaying R train. When things started rocking a bit too much I'd pop on my headphones and focus on some music to distract me from the movement.

Pregnancy Pillow
Your technically not supposed to need this until your 2nd trimester. Having this big pillow to help me get into comfortable positions at night helped me sleep better and feel better.

An understanding shoulder to lean on is really the best thing. Marcelo was so helpful during my 1st trimester when things were at their worst. Running to the store, changing his commuting route to be with me on the subway. Even giving up his dinner on the rare occasions I did not want to eat until I smelled his meal. He would put the plate right in front of me and he go back in the kitchen to make something else for himself. It made things so much easier having a sympathetic shoulder to lean on.

If your morning sickness is really bad and nothing you try seems to help make sure you talk to your OBGYN about it.

Hang in there it's all worth it once the little one arrives!

Good Luck!

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