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Family Day: American Museum of Natural History

Family Day: American Museum of Natural History

Back in January Marcelo and I decided to start family day outings on the weekends. Leo was taking about 6 steps, eating solids and his nap times had finally become steady. We felt it was a good time to start longer trips away from home together just the three of us.

The other thing is we are really homesick for NYC. Our life in the suburbs is great. But I had been living in the city since I was 19 and Marcelo for the last 12 years. In all that time the city had really become our home.

We decided to use the family outings as excuses to go into the city. Show Leo our favorite spots and soak everything up from his point of view.

Our first stop The American Museum of Natural History!

A couple of things about this museum:

  1. It's where Marcelo and I went on our 2nd date
  2. It's across the street from my OBGYN's office
  3. I used to live a few blocks away and would sit on the steps on summer nights to people watch
  4. There is a Shake Shack caddy corner to the museum 

Initially the plan was to leave by 10 AM. Leo could nap in the car, then when we arrived we would eat an early lunch and walk around the museum.

In between getting the diaper bag packed. Getting Leo and ourselves dressed and out the door we didn't start driving into the city until 12 PM.

I drove the car so that I could have a little Mom-break and Marcelo could get sometime hanging out with Leo before his nap started. Right before we took off I handed Leo to Marcelo so he could buckle him in and MELTDOWN! All Leo wanted was Mommy. We quickly switched jobs and took off.

Leo was his giggly, charming self the whole ride in and took no nap what-so-ever.

It ended up being a good thing that we left later than planned because there was no traffic thru the tunnel or up the West Side Highway. We have the Brica Day & Night Musical Mirror so I can check on Leo when I'm driving alone in the car. I kept telling Marcelo to look and the hilarious faces Leo was making while we were in the tunnel. Between the lights and the walls he just couldn't decipher what was happening.

We arrived at the museum by 1:30 PM and parked right under the museum. Took the elevator up and we were in the Planetarium Wing. This is where Marcelo and I went on our 2nd date. When we got inside we really wanted to walk around this area but quickly realized it would be a bit too much for Leo to comprehend. We wanted to look around an area that we could all enjoy together.

We headed to the North American Mammals with bears, bison, mountain goats and more. 

I don't know what was more exciting for Leo seeing all the animal exhibits or being able to run around like the other children. He was so excited! Every time he saw another kid walking Leo would laugh and run to go play with them. It was seriously the cutest thing ever.

We all started getting a little hungry so we went to the cafeteria for our late lunch. We really wanted Shake Shack but between the weather and the time of day cafeteria pizza sounded like the better option.

Leo hadn't nursed yet and suddenly it was all he wanted to do. I don't mind breastfeeding in public I just get uncomfortable doing it in restaurants. When I looked around there were only Mom's and children in that cafeteria. Not one of them batted an eye at my nursing and made me feel like it shouldn't be a big deal to me in the future.

After lunch it felt like we were fighting time. Leo STILL hadn't napped. The one thing he had to see was the big blue whale. Marcelo and I navigated our way to the Hall of Ocean Life. 

It took a few minutes before Leo to noticed the whale. His eyes got so big. I can't wait until he can talk so I can know what's going on in his head. 

After the Hall of Ocean Life I really wanted to show Leo the elephants. We got on the elevator to go up. We didn't even notice until we arrived at the Hall of African Mammals he was passed out.  

So we packed it up and started the drive home.  

Not bad for a first family day outing. I can't wait to go back this summer and show him the dinosaurs! 

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