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Pizza Party Bridal Shower

Pizza Party Bridal Shower

I mentioned before my sister is getting married this summer. Last weekend was her bridal shower. I love events like these because our family flies in from all over the country to attend. Now that Leo is here it's even more special because he finally got to meet some of them for the first time.

But back tot he Bride. My sister live in Portland, OR and is far from a traditionalist. She became a vegetarian at 11 years old so we knew anything we served would be in line with that. So when we asked her if she had any special requests she replied, "pizza party!"

I love this idea. How much easier and fun could it get. We got some appetizers. The 30 minutes before the party began my sister picked out her pizza choices and we placed the order. DONE!


Funniest party was when the pizza was delivered my sister answered the door in a tiara and veil. Pizza delivery person didn't even blink an eye.

We wanted the party to still have a special feel. So we balanced off the pizza with some fancy mimosas. 

I brought over the cupcake stand from my wedding for the dessert.

Since her bridesmaids dresses are pink. We decided to decorate everything in pink. By the end it looked like a pink explosion. Just what we wanted.

I got a bunch of different patterned pink plates and pink paper straws.

I took the framed pictures off the wall and used paper fans to make a backdrop for photos.

We also got together photos of my sister over the years and hung them.

Pink balloons everywhere!

For a gift bag what else but pink candy.

I think we had a happy bride!

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