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My Favorite Oscar Moments

My Favorite Oscar Moments

Did you watch the Oscars last night?

I couldn't believe the mix up with the Best Picture Award! But I'm so glad that Moonlight won. It truly was the Best Picture of the year.

It wasn't all bad there were allot of great moments throughout the evening. Here are some of my favorite:

Justin Timberlake dancing with his wife ADORABLE!

Shirley McLaine's hilarious banter

All the Mom Dates

Sunny Pawar totally stole the moment with cuteness

#merylsayshi had me LAUGHING

Jimmy Kimmel's Algebra Angels should totally be a show

Everything Leslie Mann said

An important side note from Gael Garcia

There was also so many moving acceptance speeches but Viola Davis and Asghar Farhadi were by far the best.

Lastly may the Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon feud never end!

I'm posting my Favorite Oscar Gowns tomorrow and What To Put On Your Baby Registry later this week.

See You Tomorrow! (I can't get enough of this song)

Best Oscar Gowns

Best Oscar Gowns

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