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Under The Weather

Under The Weather

Leo finally got his first official cold. I was supposed to post my review of Moonlight today but between learning to take care of a sick baby and a few sleepless nights it didn't come together.

Hopefully he'll feel better by this weekend so we can get his toddler bed! My Oscar Picks post will be up tomorrow. Also check back next week I'm so excited to finally share my recommendations of What To Put On Your Baby Registry!

Until then here are some fun link items from around the web!

I'm loving the choker top trend it's cool and so sexy

Marc Maron has an amazing podcast he even interviewed President Obama

I'm making one of these cocktails tomorrow night TGIF

If your looking for a way to get involved Indivisible has chapters in every state

Why I love J.Crew

Such a cute idea

Something to think about when planning your next vacation 

If this were my bed I'd snuggle up reading all day

My favorite easy weeknight dinner recipe

Don't forget dessert

See You Tomorrow!

Oscar Prediction: Best Picture

Oscar Prediction: Best Picture

What To Watch Best Picture Nominee: Hidden Figures

What To Watch Best Picture Nominee: Hidden Figures