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What To Put On Your Baby Registry

What To Put On Your Baby Registry

When I was pregnant the thing I obsessed over the most was our baby registry.

I put it together for my Baby Shower using so people could buy us gifts. My Registry is great because you can add items from any web site.  We had used it for my Bridal Shower and found it to be easy and efficient.

I did tons of research for almost every item that went onto the list to make sure it met our requirements of: safety and durability. We also tried to get as many products as possible that could evolve with our son. Either buy purchasing an attachment or using it in a different way. We wanted to make sure nothing would sit in storage after only being used for a month or two.

In the end we got allot of items we love and are still using after almost a year!


We didn't really read any pregnancy books. My husband and I both downloaded The Bump App onto our phones and found we could read up there (in addition to asking our OBGYN) on any questions we had.

Instead we focused more on the parenting books. 

The one pregnancy book I did read was The Big Book Of Birth. I was really nervous about labor and giving birth. This book goes over everything that happens in a clear objective way. I felt at ease going to the hospital (especially since it was 3 1/2 weeks early) knowing what to expect.

For baby names I picked up A Is For Atticus. Instead of the ordinary baby books that just give you the definition and origin. This baby name book goes into the history of the name, what political figures, novelists, musicians, tv characters, plays have carried the name and what it's come to represent. After reading this book we decided on Leo, for Leo Tolstoy.

The Baby Owner's Manual wasn't on our registry. A relative sent it to us as a joke with chapters such as "Installing A Diaper" (hilarious!). It turned out to be soooo informative having a book with instructions and diagrams telling you everything from how to burp a baby to how to hold one. (Super helpful since my husband hadn't held a baby in 8 years.) 

My husband took a Dad class and they gave him this awesome book called Crash Course For Dads-To Be. So many books are understandably geared towards the Mom. This book is all about the Dad's. How they should prepare for this life change. How to balance the first few month of going to work then getting up at night. Things they can do to bond with the baby. The part my husband found the most interesting was the section on what the Dad can do to help take care of the Mom. What she's going through all day alone, how to manage visitors and how this little one will redefine your relationship with each other.

The last book we both read was Bringing Up Bebe. In terms of parenting style this was right up our alley and gave us ideas of parenting methods we could try outside of the standard advice every other book suggested. 


Babies need so much stuff! And you need something to carry it around in. Originally I wanted a backpack diaper bag but ended up going with a traditional diaper bag that looked more like a purse. Carrying a little baby and toting a heavy bag on one shoulder is just too much sometimes. If I could choose again I'd go with a regular backpack like this one by Herschel and register for a cooler bag and a portable changing station.

We LOVE our stroller. After allot of searching we decided on the Nuna Tavo. You can open and close it with one hand. The back reclines all the way for naps on the go. A sleep drape (that I use when it rains). Mesh windows that zip open and close for air circulation. We take it everywhere. The Pippa car seat came with it which fits a child up to 30 lbs. Our Hunny Bunny is about  to outgrow it so we'll be upgrading to the Rava soon.

For the swing we stuck with the Nuna products. We both love their design and eay function. We got the Nuna Leaf and Nuna Wind. These were on our baby registry but we left them in the box thinking we wouldn't need them for a month or two. Our first night home my husband, Marcelo, opened the box at 3 AM. In two clicks it was assembled and we were finally able to get Leo to drift off to sleep.

Being in the city we knew that there would be a good amount of walking and subway riding with the baby. At the time I had planned to go back to work after Leo was born so we registered for the Ergo Baby Carrier so I could carry him with me every day. Drop him at day care next to my office and then tuck him in at 5 o'clock for the subway ride home. Even though we're not in the city I still use the baby carrier constantly for walks around the neighborhood, going from the car to the library or into a restaurant that has high chairs. Sometimes even just around the house when I need to get chores done. 


My husband gave me our baby bathtub as a Christmas gift. Since our home was a small 6 unit apartment building it meant that anytime someone else ran their water yours could swing in temperature to freezing cold or scalding hot. No good with a delicate little baby. This infant tub by 4moms has a thermometer built to tell you the temperature of the water as it is going into the baby bathtub. He also got me the 4moms spout cover just to be safe. This I started using immediately! The tub was a little big to start so we put this sponge in for the first two months until Leo was big enough to go without it.

Baby bath towels are just about the cutest thing ever. We couldn't decide so registered for a Hippo and a Lion. Both equally adorable.

I wanted to keep some bath products around the house to be ready when we brought Leo home. But I didn't know when he would arrive and didn't want big bottles taking up space in our tub for the time being. A friend got me Sophie la Giraffe Starter Kit. It has face cream, body lotion, hair & body wash and baby oil all in 1 oz. bottles. We got about 5-6 uses out of it before we needed to pick up something from the store.

For the washcloths we wanted to make sure to get super soft cotton that wouldn't be harsh on a newborns skin. This three pack from giggle is also organic.


Since we were in a 1 bedroom we didn't have to get much for the nursery. My parents gave us a changing table as a Christmas Gift. We chose the DaVinci Jayden since it has high walls that will keep a baby from rolling off of it and doubles as a dresser.

Even though the changing table has high walls we got this Safe Surround Changing Pad for extra protection. Then we registered for several cotton muslin changing pad covers by Aden +Anais. As well as these great waterproof changing pad liners.

Our apartment in Queens was so tiny we weren't sure where to put a full size crib. A friend suggested we get a mini crib to start and then get a larger one down the line. First choice for us was the Babyletto Mini Crib. In the end we went with the Stokke Mini Crib bundle since it fit the space better and we could get an extension kit instead of a whole new crib.

Our diaper pail had two requirements: that it keep the smell inside and was compatible with any trash bag. Our friends recommended the Ubbi Diaper Pail. Since we lived in an apartment roughly the same size as theirs we registered for it and have had no issue what-so-ever.

The humidifier we purchased ourselves with a store credit I had been saving. The Stadler Form Oskar Humidifier has gotten great reviews and has a minimalist design. A little pricey but it's on in the bedroom where our son sleeps all day long and we have yet to see a stuffy nose.

It was still winter in NYC when Leo was born. You can't use any blankets in the crib for the first year. There was no way we were going to be able to figure out how to swaddle him in the middle of the night and the thought of the blanket coming loose in the crib worried us to much. So to keep Leo snuggled up we registered for the Ergobaby Swaddler. It's fool proof 4 steps and escape proof. Whew!

I got a few different types of pacifiers before Leo was born. Mam and Nuk worked well but the one he like best was....Mustachifier

The last thing we registered for the nursery is this sound machine. You can choose between white noise, nature sounds or lullaby's and plug your iPod in for extra tunes. It has an incredibly helpful battery optional soft glow nightlight on top which saved us one time when the power went out!


The first thing I looked for when it came to feeding products was a breast pump. Along the way in my research I learned that thanks to the Affordable Care Act all insurance companies are required to either give you a new breast pump every 6 months or cover the cost to rent a breast pump from an authorized business. Luckily my insurance covered a new pump so I selected the Medela Freestyle Double Electric Pump. You can hook the motor onto your waistband and move around while pumping! I was able to pump while our newborn was asleep and put bottles in the dishwasher or fix something to eat. Incredibly convenient! 

After researching the crib we stayed in the Stokke family for the high chair. Their products are easy to assemble and grow with your child. We got the Tripp Trapp so Leo could sit right at the table with us and be apart of daily dinners.

Every Mom hears about nipple confusion. If you're planning to breastfeed that last thing you want is a bottle to become your babies preferred method of feeding. Comotomo's nipple design mimic's breastfeeding as closely as possible. I had to primarily bottle feed for the first 2 months and never had any resistance to either method. When Leo's acid re-flux got really bad we switched over to Dr. Brown's bottles to ease the amount of air going into his tummy. My advice get the largest size bottle to start. It won't make a difference and then you don't have to buy bottles twice.

I test drove the Bobby nursing pillow but it just wasn't for me. The Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow was much more my speed. Your baby is held securely tummy to tummy and it's hands free! There were so many times I was able to drink some iced coffee or have a salad.....(or 16 Handles) while on a 45 minute nursing stretch. Lifesaver! 

Our last feeding product was another Christmas present, from Marcelo's Mom, a Baby Brezza One Step Sterilizer Dryer. While Pediatrician's say you only have to sterilize a product one time before the first use. We kept sterilizing for the first several months. If bottles were wet or sat in the dishwasher too long we just ran the 15 minute sterilizing cycle and didn't worry about it. You can use it to sterilize or dry anything: bottles, nipples, toys, teething items, plates, spoons. Whatever might go in your babies mouth.

For Mama

I was really nervous about going into labor but also really excited. So I tried to focus on anything that would make me forget about my worries. These awesome socks had the nurse and doctor laughing during my delivery and totally distracting me. 

I wanted to get a gown for the hospital. While I didn't wear it in the hospital I used it everyday for the next month. The front unbuttons for nursing and the drawstring waist means it will fit you straight out of the hospital.


The last thing we registered for were newborn photos. The first few days go by so fast. Even looking at the photos from the day Leo was born to the day we brought him home he looks completely different! If you hospital doesn't have a photographer you can book there are plenty that will come to you house to take photos of your new babies first days.

Have Fun!

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