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Finding Free Activities In Your Town

Finding Free Activities In Your Town

During the Summer and Fall I would take our Bunny Bear for walks every day. 

We would stroll the neighborhood in the afternoons and run into a surprising amount of neighbors doing the same. Usually we'd cruise to the local playground so I could push Little Guy in the bucket swings and he could interact with all the other little kids playing.

On adventurous days (when it wasn't too hot) I'd walk us into town. Wander around the shops get an iced coffee and meet my husband at the train station before we all headed home.

Freezing cold February makes it allot harder to get outside and even so why would you want to go out in this temperature.

Hunny Bunny and I are signed up for some parent/child classes like swimming and baby gymnastics. But there are only so many classes you can take before it really starts to hurt your wallet.

After swim class one day I walked across the parking lot to the local library to get a card. (eBooks from the library that you can download onto your phone or kindle for free are the best!)

The first thing I saw when we walked in was a huge sign that said Children's Reading Area.

When we walked in my jaw dropped. A HUGE children's library with a reasonable amount of toddlers. They were all having the best time running around. Looking at picture books. Sitting on the floor playing with blocks. There was even a computer station with touch screen monitors. Everything was little kid size to boot.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better a nice librarian handed me the program schedule for children ages 6 months and up. Story Time, Nursery Rhyme Hour, Sing-A-Long Songs.

It was so nice to know that there was a (free) baby accepting and safe place to take my Little Guy on these cold months. Bonus he can also interact with other kids his own age simultaniously.

When I got home I decided there must be more offered in my town and began scouring the web.

I found some pretty cool stuff. Public activities for kids hosted by our city and community center.


One of the local gyms has a playroom open to all during a scheduled time 4 days a week.

As well as a few religious centers that offer free music, art and development classes for kids 6 months and up.

I'm so excited to start trying all of these new finds out and most of all get out of the house!

What about you? Are there free programs in your neighborhood to take advantage of? If you're not sure I highly recommend looking up info on the internet. You might be delightfully surprised.

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