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Throwing An Oscar Party

Throwing An Oscar Party

The Oscars are 10 days away. They're always so much fun to watch. The dresses, the speeches, the musical numbers. It's the best of Hollywood all in one show.

Throwing an Oscar Party gives you a chance to really get into the spirit.

I'm not hosting an Oscar Party this year but I've done them in the past. Here are some tips on throwing a fantastic party.


Oscar Ballot

You absolutely cannot have an awards party without an Oscar Ballot contest. It makes it so much more than sitting around watching TV. I like to give out an award for each category. Usually something silly from the party store. Then have the winner come up to give a speech while accepting. If more than one person wins a category have them all come up and take turns speaking before you cut them off with music Oscar style.


Keep it light and easy by serving food people can move around the party with. Put out two large bowls of popcorn and classic popcorn boxes for guests. My favorite popcorn recipes are Brown Butter, Rosemary and Lemon & Basil-Parmesan.

Throw something sweet into the mix by putting out movie theater style candy in boxes.


Most people think champagne for award parties. I like to do cocktails with some champagne or prosecco added for bubbles. Lemon Drop Champagne Punch and Rosemary Champagne Fizz are great because you can make a large pitcher or punch bowl to last throughout the evening. (If your like me and feel gin is too strong try Ransom Old Tom Gin it's incredibly smooth, sweet and mellow.) Serve everything in 1920's style champagne glasses for a real Hollywood vibe.

Photo Booth

One thing that always happens at an Oscar party. About halfway through the guests divide into hardcore award viewers ans those who just want to mingle. Setting up an activity away from the TV is a good way to let people feel like they can have fun and talk without disturbing those watching the show.

Get photo booth props, (some people always think of the 1940's but I picture the 1920's when I think of classic Hollywood Era) a backdrop and some fun dress up items.

If you want to really kick it up a notch get some chocolate Oscars and see who can do the best winners pose.

Have Fun!

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